Monday, April 14, 2014

Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura mixes pigments in the tradition of Nihonga painting (Japanese coloring techniques). His application is contemporary and tends toward abstraction. His jewel tones and gold are in most cases actual jewel-like minerals and gold leaf, which lends the pieces a resonance that is only really visible when viewing the work in person. Makoto will be at Seattle Pacific at 7:30 this Tuesday (April 15th) at the SUB Collegium. Go see him!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

James Turrell

A man who has spent his life chasing light.

"Turrell’s inspiration for his ascetic, colourful and very private works is drawn from his parents, who were Quakers, and his studies in psychology and mathematics. An enlightening moment in his life occurred in his undergraduate art history class at Pomona College whilst watching a slide projector in the darkened room.  He started an inquiry in which light is not a tool to enable vision but an element to look at.
In the 1960s Turrell started to work solely with light. He closed the windows of his white laboratory and only allowed a few small openings through which the light could pass. Viewed at night, the light and the colour originated from outside stoplights, headlights, and traffic signals. Turrell has never applied any body colour in his work. His installations only involve coloured light inhabiting a space, which Turrell explains as follows: “If the color is in the paint on the wall, then in making a structure and allowing light to enter it, the color will tend to ride on the walls. But if the color of the wall is white, which in one way is noncolor, the the light is allowed to enter the space riding on the light, and that color has the possibility of inhabiting the space and holding that volume rather than being on the wall.” (via)

See a James Turrell piece for yourself here in Seattle at the Henry Art Gallery:

LET IT BE KNOWN that a photo or video of these pieces is not a proper substitute for visiting the spaces yourself. The virtue and beauty of Turrell's work with natural light is that it is utterly specific to each space and body and condition of light at that moment.

Also, see a segment about James Turrell on PBS's Art21.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk: "The Fire Part of Fire" 2012
Maya Hayuk makes installed paintings that are built from strongly contrasted saturated tones and vibrant geometry:
"I am super inspired by the rhythms and patterns music can create in my mind’s eye; they do translate directly to what I make visually and I respond so deeply to music. I really don’t hear lyrics, they sound like another instrument to me. [...] My parents were refugees of World War II as children. When their families escaped from Ukraine, they couldn’t carry much, but their mothers brought with them the vast knowledge that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers passed down to them for centuries. As a small child, my grandmothers would teach me crafts like embroidery, batik egg dying and reciting poetry. This was probably the first and most impactful influence in my life. I learned not only to have a very steady hand and determination, but they taught me about the richness of the meaning of all of these geometric symbols. Without realizing it, they were introducing me to colour theory and design, which is a huge part of my process. They also taught me that making art or a craft is a gift."
Read more at Cooler


1966 Chromophobia: animation by Raoul Servais. Saturated color is used here didactically and persuasively as freedom, innocence, expression, diversity, individuality and music, against the conformity, violence and fascist power of the black-white-gray.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Dear Hunter Color Spectrum Songs

This band did a project a few years back, creating songs to sound like colors! Listen on Youtube

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Last Film by Miyazaki "the Wind Rises"

I highly recommend going to see this animated film by famous director Hayao Miyazaki while it is at the Cinerama here in Seattle! Here are a couple of trailers to the film.